Starhawk on environmental justice

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Light Born Out of the Dark: At Solstice, a Ritual of Cleansing, Fire, Community, and Birth to Help You Welcome Back the Sun

Yet rather than dwell on anger, I want us to consider the Solstice promise. We Pagans don't have comforting Bible verses to turn to in times of spiritual need--but we have something perhaps even better. We can turn to the natural world for teachings, strength and hope.

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Starhawk Keynote at the 2018 Soil Not Oil Conference

This heartfelt call to action is by Environmental Activist, Author, and Permaculture Designer, Starhawk.

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Starhawk: Lessons from the Fires

As the fires rage, as I worry for our land and ache for our neighbors who have lost homes and even lives, I want to honor fire for the great teacher she is.

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Adrienne Rich