Wayne Muller

Wayne Muller, MDiv, is an American bestselling author, therapist, minister, leadership mentor, community advocate, and public speaker. He founded Bread for the Journey, a network of people engaging in local philanthropy. He works specifically with those suffering abuse, addiction and alcoholism, poverty, illness, and loss.

A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough

Muller mixes the writings of great spiritual and political leaders with inspirational anecdotes from his own life, inviting us to derive more satisfaction from less and pull gratitude out of the ashes of grief.

How Then, Shall We Live?: Four Simple Questions That Reveal the Beauty and Meaning of Our Lives

We all long to experience a sense of inner wholeness and guidance, but today's notions of healing and recovery too often keep us focused on our brokenness, on our deficiencies rather than our strengths.

Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives

Millennia ago, the tradition of Sabbath created an oasis of sacred time within a life of unceasing labor.

Adults who were hurt as children inevitably exhibit a peculiar strength, a profound inner wisdom, and a remarkable creativity and insight. Deep within them—just beneath the wound—lies a profound spiritual vitality, a quiet knowing, a way of perceiving what is beautiful, right, and true.


Wayne Muller Sabbath

Wayne Muller speaks on the intertwining of Faith, Sabbath, and the Dark Night of the Soul.


Wayne Muller 23rd Psalm

Learning to Pray: How We Find Heaven on Earth

In this illuminating book, Wayne Muller offers simple yet profound guidance based on the Lord’s Prayer. It is the prayer most prayed in our culture--included in countless services, private devotions, and twelve-step meetings.

In that inevitable, excruciatingly human moment, we are offered a powerful choice. This choice is perhaps one of the most vitally important choices we will ever make, and it determines the course of our lives from that moment forward.

Who Fixed the Refrigerator?

Many years ago I was living in a small, second-floor walk-up apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One day my refrigerator stopped working.


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