The need to feel like we belong is one of our strongest psychological needs. “Belonging” makes us feel accepted, appreciated, welcomed, valued, secure, and safe. We often center our identities around being members of communities where we feel the strongest sense of belonging, whether those communities revolve around family groups, geography, interests, goals, or shared experiences. Feeling like we don’t belong has deep emotional repercussions that can lead to feelings of isolation, disconnection, anxiety, depression, and insecurity, and even lead to physiological stress. However, we also have the ability to give others a sense of belonging. When we practice compassion, acceptance, and nonjudgment, we have the power to create communities for ourselves.

Create a Sense of Belonging

Finding ways to belong can help ease the pain of loneliness.

The Importance of Belonging

Columnist Amanda Enayati ponders the theme of seeking serenity, the quest for well-being, and life balance in stressful times.

4 Steps to Achieve a Sense of Belonging

Through the years, I have learned ways to manage these people-pleasing tendencies, and feel more like myself. Here are four tips — if you find yourself feeling lonely — to achieve a greater sense of belonging.

8 Steps to Create a Sense of Belonging in Life

We all crave a sense of belonging, whether we realize it or not. Whether it’s at social gatherings, at work, or in our families, we want to feel accepted and comfortable.

Belongingness: Essential Bridges That Support the Self

Recent research is establishing the critical nature of social belongingness.

On Belonging: What Is Behind Our Psychological Need to Belong?

Much of human behavior, thought, and emotion stems from our psychological need to belong. In psychologist Christopher Peterson’s words, other people matter.

Brené Brown: Why Human Connection Will Bring Us Closer Together

I spoke to Brené Brown, author of the new book Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone, about why we have a crisis of disconnection in society, the importance of a sense of belonging, the difference between true belonging and fitting in, why human interac...

Moving vs. Staying. Instructions for Finding Your People and Your Place.

I sense two questions in your one question. The one you’ve spoken is “How do I decide which place to live?” but the one unspoken is “How do I find where I belong?” They sound similar, but they’re super different.

Making Sense of Belonging

An absence of belonging has negative and devastating effects on people, both physically and psychologically.

The Hazards of Non-Belonging

We have explored the nature of non-belonging, how it is created, the losses and consequences and what it means to bring healing to it. It is important to allow for differing levels of belonging with an inner circle of friends being where we feel most welcomed, understood and accepted.


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