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Jamie Wheal: Hacking Collective Intelligence

How can we make sense of the world together, and what stops us from doing so? Many of the thinkers we’ve interviewed on Rebel Wisdom talk about the importance of creating coherent sensemaking—or ‘collective intelligence.

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Activism for Healing and Thriving: Supporting Students of Color in Building Agency

Activism can be a source of healing but may also come at the expense of re-traumatization, burnout, and frustration.

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Diversity and Disparities. An interview with Nicole Lee.

A lot of people are experienced in diversity, but on today’s episode, Lindsey’s guest states that it’s imperative to discuss not only diversity, but also equity and inclusion. Diversity is presence - which is most certainly important, however it’s only a piece of the puzzle.

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Be Active, not an Activist | Saffiyah Khan | TEDxYouth@Brum

Saffiayah Khan describes her utopia where more citizens take and active role leaving no room for specially identified activists.

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