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What Does It Mean to Be Human? | Sonia Sanchez | TEDxPhiladelphia

In this captivating reading, legendary poet, activist and scholar Sonia Sanchez explores the most important question of the 21st century: What does it mean to be human?

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Sallomé Hralima: Workplaces Suffocate Human Potential—TEDxWesleyanU

Sallome Hralima returns to campus to discuss the common workplace, and how, specifically, the modern office environment and social structures embraced by many contemporary business fail to promote employee creativity, individual thought, and potential.

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Until We Collapse - Interview with Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal explains why we experience a profound lack of meaning in our world today. He describes the challenges we are currently facing, and how we can rely on radical hope to build a greater vision of who we are and of our future.

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Thomas Hübl: Mystical Principles of Healing

Integrating the Past - Presenting the Future: Thomas talks about the nature of healing as a process of personal and collective transformation.

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