Growth Mindset

The term growth mindset refers to a belief that you can grow your abilities through a combination of hard work, applying useful strategies, and learning from mistakes, as well as accepting help from others when needed. People with a growth mindset tend to stick to tasks even when times get rough, embracing challenges and persisting in the face of setbacks because they believe effort is the key to mastery. They also learn from constructive criticism and apply lessons they may extrapolate from the experiences of others. This is the opposite of having a fixed mindset, which means a person believes their intelligence level is static and that putting effort toward pushing their boundaries is pointless, leading them to avoid challenges and give up in the face of obstacles because they don’t see a point in persisting.


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Do you believe that people are capable of change, or that people are ultimately unchangeable? The way you feel about this question influences your own ability to grow, gain new skills, and develop positive change in your own life.