Mysticism is the experience or pursuit of joining with the absolute or Divine. It takes place across every religious and ethnic tradition worldwide and has emerged since the beginning of human existence. It has been described in various ways including “one with” or “thisness” and ideas around it have slight differences. Mysticism can come through discipline or practice, such as daily meditation; enhancement, such as a drug experience or guided journey; from a divine intervention, such as through voices or visions; or from a combination of these elements. Some famous mystics who have greatly influenced and guided others include the Buddha, Meister Eckhart, Eleazar ben Judah, St. Teresa of Avila, and Martin Luther.


A spiritual classic, in print since the 1940s, Meher Baba's Discourses throw the light of true knowledge on many of life's most perplexing problems. Inspiring and practical, the Discourses provide an ever-fresh framework of spiritual perspective on the challenges of everyday life.

The Mystic Eye:Vision of The Beyond

This is a book for the thirsty. And emphatically not a book for the fainthearted. In a series of far-reading exploratory conversations, Sadhguru- a living master and mystic of our times- touches on every conceivable question that a seeker might nurse about the realm of the mystical.

The One Quest: A Map of the Ways of Transformation

Those seeking spiritual enlightenment and personal growth will welcome this broad examination of the factors, such as religion, education, and psychotherapy, that affect and stimulate growth.


Religious Experience