Mukti is an American spiritual teacher best known for her work alongside her husband, Adyashanti. Together they founded Open Gate Sangha in 1996 to make their teachings available. Mukti holds a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a license in acupuncture, and a Hatha Yoga teaching certification. She hopes to awaken self-realization, self-inquiry, and awareness in others.


Adyashanti & Mukti: Living from Peace

In this special Open Gate Sangha broadcast, Adyashanti and Mukti introduce our new Peace Room Project and its intentions. Together, they explore their shared commitment to bring forth teachings on the lived experience of being an embodiment of peace in the world.

Embrace Stillness to Find Freedom

Learn how to break the cycle of suffering from "push-pull' thoughts by really embracing stillness.


Mukti - an Attitude of Curiosity

Mukti explores the nature of wanting, where it originates, and how to trace this energy back to its source. By bringing an attitude of curiosity to your inquiry, you are afforded the freedom for your answers to be innocently discovered.


Mukti: Embracing Our Humanness

Mukti explores the power of inquiry and how it is an essential tool for self-exploration and self-knowledge. By connecting to your senses and shifting your attention to your surroundings, your energies are allowed to settle and rest.


Emptiness Is Also Form, Mukti, Francis Bennett, Loch Kelly

At the Science and Nonduality Conference 2016, Loch Kelly, Mukti and Francis Bennett discuss the paradoxical understanding reflected in the famous Heart Sutra’s saying, “Form is emptiness and emptiness is form. Form is none other than emptiness and emptiness is none other than form.


Nondualitatea * Interviu Cu Mukti


Mukti 'the Embodiment of Enlightenment' Interview by Renate McNay

The Feminine Face of God - Part 2. Mukti, whose name is translated as "liberation" is a teacher in the linage of Adyashanti, her husband.

Mukti: “The Embodiment of Enlightenment”

The transcript of Mukti's interview with Conscious.tv.

DY 032 – “Embodying Awakening” – with Mukti

Nondual spiritual teacher Mukti talks with host Michael Taft about the debate between the Direct and Progressive paths of realization, working with energetics and embodiment, her childhood background in the Self Realization Fellowship of Paramahansa Yogananada, pointing out the sense of space in rea...


Mukti Guided Meditation - Arriving in the Moment

What is keeping you from arriving fully in the present moment? Mukti leads this guided meditation that explores the possibility of stepping out of the past and stepping into the now. With every moment being a possibility for you to attune to the present, the vibrancy of the moment is ever-available.