Nicole Cardoza

Nicole Cardoza is an American yoga instructor and advocate for racial justice. She is the founder of Yoga Foster and Anti-Racism Daily and the author of the children’s book Mindful Moves: Kid-Friendly Yoga and Peaceful Activities for a Happy, Healthy You.

11 Poses to Help Kids Feel Brave

This sequence, created by Yoga Foster founder Nicole Cardoza, encourages kids to be brave, own their bodies, and speak up for what they need.


Yoga for all: Nicole Cardoza | Nike

Nicole Cardoza believes everyone deserves access to health and wellness resources. She founded Yoga Foster and Reclamation Ventures to help close the wellness gap. Because yoga should not have a type. Yoga is for all.

Mindful Moves: Kid-Friendly Yoga and Peaceful Activities for a Happy, Healthy You

Mindfulness is proven to boost children’s physical, mental, and socio-emotional development, but establishing the practice requires making it a part of daily life.

Nicole Cardoza’s Meditation for Finding Abundance

Try this short meditation when you need a reminder that you are, and have, enough.


20 Minute Yoga for Youth with Nicole Cardoza | Lululemon

Join Yoga Foster founder and lululemon Here to Be partner, Nicole Cardoza, in a practice designed specifically to teach kids how to pay attention to their body and the world around them.

Nicole Cardoza Isn't Writing Her Anti-Racism Newsletter for White People

Amid the nation's protests, Cardoza began emailing current event explainers and action items to what ended up becoming thousands of subscribers, many looking for information and guidance in a year marked by sickness and brutality.


The Power of Paying Attention | Nicole Cardoza | TEDxDaltonSchool

Nicole Cardoza is the founder of Yoga Foster, with a mission to foster accessible, sustainable yoga programs in schools, empowering school teachers to create healthier, happier classrooms.

The Navajo Nation Has a Higher Per Capita Rate of COVID-19 Infection Than NYC—Here’s What You Need to Know (And How to Help)

This week looks at the impact of COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation, and the systemic marginalization that has created vast inequities in basic infrastructure. This is part of our recurring series analyzing how racism exacerbates the impact of this global pandemic.


Equity in Wellness—Presented by Nicole Cardoza

Wellness should be accessible to everyone. How can we use privileged practices to address social isolation in underserved communities?


Show Up for Yourself and Show Up for the World with Nicole Cardoza and Koya Webb