Imagination and Creativity

Imagination is the ability to envision a reality that does not yet exist. Creativity is the inspirational energy and skill that allows us to turn that vision into reality. But creativity is not just an artistic ability to create “something from nothing:” it encompasses all manner of ways we synthesize, improve, modify, and personalize the world around us. Any aspect of problem-solving—whether encountered while parenting, teaching, or even debugging a database—relies on an ability to see a possible future and implementing strategies to bring it about. Every human being is capable of being imaginative and creative. While some people are inherently more artistically inclined than others, everyone can enhance their creative abilities with regular practice and by finding places of inspiration that stimulate the mind and heart.

Lucille Clifton 1936–2010

The Poetry Foundation remembers Lucille Clifton (1936-2010). Awarding the prestigious Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize to Clifton in 2007, the judges remarked that “One always feels the looming humaneness around Lucille Clifton’s poems—it is a moral quality that some poets have and some don’t.”

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A formalist with wide poetic range, Sanchez’s vast body of work includes poems that delve into themes that resonate with those who’ve known isolation’s dance.

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The Pulitzer-winning author discusses the role of literature in moments of upheaval, the importance of women’s rights, and more.

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I think we all want to touch the rim of our greatness, but we’re going to need taller ladders. —Brendon Burchard