Magic is the art of directing natural energies in our universe to influence physical events. The Wiccan community that works in witchcraft often uses the spelling magick to separate their understanding of magic as a fluid and ever-changing tool to improve people’s lives from those of stage magicians and illusionists who do clever acts that trick the brain. Magic may be used in rituals or ceremonies, aided by spells, potions, and charms.

Practical Magic for Beginners: Exercises, Rituals, and Spells for the New Mystic

Practical Magic for Beginners is a simple yet extensive reference that teaches you how to unlock the mystical qualities inside of you.

Divination Dictionary: A Beginner’s Guide to Fortune-Telling

Internationally known author and clairvoyant Lilian Verner-Bonds helps budding witches and new practitioners of magic tap into their intuition—and empower themselves.

Wicca for One: The Path of Solitary Witchcraft

You will learn how to master spells, rites, traditions, and celebrations alone while learning the following: · The advantages and drawbacks of practicing solitary Wicca · Constructing the tools and sacred space needed to create magic every day · Using dreamwork, tarot ca...