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Michael Bernard Beckwith
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The Power of Letting Go: Rev Michael Beckwith & Dr. Judith Orloff Discuss Dr. Orloff's New Book

Tune into this passionate dialogue about Dr. Orloff's new book THE Ecstasy of Surrender and how surrender can blow apart old stereotypes about how to live, be in relationship, aging, and death.

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How to Bring on the Vibration of Strength | Michael Beckwith

Michael Beckwith reveals how to leverage your strengths to help nurture and improve your weaknesses through a vibrational technique called Energetic Shape-Shifting. In this video, you will learn: • The TWO distinct paths of our personal and spiritual growth, Kensho and Satori.

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Life Visioning in Your 40s, 50s, and Beyond

Radiate your soul’s purpose and embody the gifts destined to emerge through you by evoking a visioning state. Activate the creative energies of ‘Divine Mind’ through the 4 energetic frequencies of your spiritual evolution. Integrate ALL that is — as it is — without shame or blame...

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