Life Force Energy

The concept of life force energy goes by many different names in different traditions, including prana, qi, and chi. Regardless of its name, life force energy comprises the unseen essence and vitality of all living beings, and in some belief systems even extends to inanimate objects. It is believed that the flow of a person’s life force dictates their health, prosperity, and often the course of their life. Our individual life force energy is also considered to be part of a larger field shared by all living things, interconnected in subtle ways. In this way, the energy of outside forces may both influence and be influenced by the intentions of individuals. Many practitioners of energy healing methodologies work with these unseen subtle energies, seeking to bring health and vitality to their clients by addressing blockages in a person’s life force in order to bring them back into harmony. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


How to Build Energy Circuits in Your Body - Dr. Sue Morter

Your ability to manifest and be masterful at your life depends on how well the two systems that run your body are functioning. In this video, Dr. Sue explains how the nervous system and Electromagnetic Systems run your body, and how to master them by building more energetic circuits. Dr.


Energy Healing