Midlife Crisis

A midlife crisis occurs in people of middle age (approximately 45 to 65 years). Typically, one is struggling with some sense of frustration at the trajectory of one’s life, a sudden challenge to self-identity or self-confidence, or with an experience of one’s own mortality. Popular representations of a midlife crisis usually involve rejecting some level of personal responsibility in favor of pursuing something impractical but more fun, even if it has negative repercussions on long-established relationships, jobs, and lifestyles. But for others, a midlife crisis can bring about debilitating depression or intense bouts of anxiety. Regardless of its presentation, a midlife crisis can also be the catalyst for a search for greater meaning and perspective.


Does Everyone Have a 'Midlife Crisis'?

Midlife crises are a common plot device in films, TV shows, and books. Like most psychological phenomena, though, they don’t always get it quite right.

Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife

As seen on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday! The need for change as we get older—an emotional pressure for one phase of our lives to transition into another—is a human phenomenon, neither male nor female.

The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis

What a growing body of research reveals about the biology of human happiness—and how to navigate the (temporary) slump in middle age.

So now I have started living my own life. Imperfect and clumsy as it may look, it is resembling me now, thoroughly.


Midlife Crisis Needs a Rebrand | Pash Pashkow | TEDxUCLA

What if facing your mortality was the best thing that ever happened to you? Pash shares the funny and touching ways his multiple "midlife crises" became opportunities to rebrand and redefine the phenomenon and start a new life-affirming conversation.

The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Midlife

Why do so many go through so much disruption in their middle years? Why then? Why do we consider it to be a crisis? The Middle Passage presents us with an opportunity to reexamine our lives and to ask: "Who am I apart from my history and the roles I have played?" It is an occasion for redefining an...

How to Survive Your Midlife Blues

Midlife malaise is common, but take heart: Happiness tends to rebound as we get older, and there are ways to cope in the meantime.

There is a time in our lives, usually in mid-life, when a woman has to make a decision—possibly the most important psychic decision of her future life—and that is, whether to be bitter or not. Women often come to this in their late thirties or early forties.


The Most Productive Years of Your Life May Surprise You | Lloyd Reeb | TEDxCountyLineRoad

Real estate developer and primary spokesperson for Halftime Institute, Lloyd Reeb, dismisses the idea that as we age we become less productive in life.

The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom

When you find the courage to change at midlife, a miracle happens. Your character is opened, deepened, strengthened, softened. You return to your soul's highest values.


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