Robert Thurman

Robert Thurman, PhD, is an influential American Buddhist author, academic, and human rights activist. He taught at Amherst and Columbia universities, cofounded the Tibet House in New York at the request of the Dalai Lama, and has received the prestigious Padma Shri award for his work in literature and education.


The Dalai Lama's Belief About One's Spiritual Tradition

This excerpt from "The Spiritual Quest" explores the personal, spiritual journey with Karen Armstrong, the best-selling author of "A History of God," and Robert Thurman, the first American ordained a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

Essential Tibetan Buddhism

Expertly and lucidly surveying the basic varieties and teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, renowned scholar Robert Thurman makes this authentic spiritual tradition available to contemporary Western audiences

Love Your Enemies: How to Break the Anger Habit and Be a Whole Lot Happier

When people and circumstances upset us, how do we deal with them? Often, we feel victimized. We become hurt, angry, and defensive. We end up seeing others as enemies, and when things don't go our way, we become enemies to ourselves.


Buddhist Ethics | Robert Thurman | Talks at Google

Prof. Thurman discusses Buddhist ethics, which he translates as the ten-fold path of skillful and unskillful action. Instead of right and wrong, Professor Thurman urges us to consider ethical behavior as any action that helps us evolve on the path toward enlightenment.

The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti

This book presents the major teachings of Mahāyāna Buddhism in a precise, dramatic, and even humorous form.

Know Your Enemy

We call people who harm us enemies, but is that who they really are? When we see the person behind the label, say Buddhist teachers Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman, everyone benefits.

One: The Movie

In a divided post 9-11 world, first-time filmmaker Ward Powers asks life's ultimate questions of world renowned spiritual leaders and ordinary people.


Robert Thurman- Buddhist Contributions to Physics, Biology, and Psychology

The Jewel Tree of Tibet: The Enlightenment Engine of Tibetan Buddhism

Few teachers in the West possess both the spiritual training and the scholarship to lead us along the path to enlightenment. Robert Thurman is one such teacher.

The Tibetan Buddhist View of Death and Rebirth

In the March 1995 Lion’s Roar magazine, Professor Robert Thurman explained the Tibetan Buddhist view of death and rebirth.


Sharon Salzberg