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Glennon Doyle Untamed: Her Marriage, Sexuality & Choosing an Authentic Life

How are you showing up in your life, as your authentic self, or as the person the world has trained you to be? Glennon Doyle was at the height of her career and struggling to make her marriage work when she fell in love with her now-wife, Abby Wambach.

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Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of Awesome

Neil Pasricha's blog 1000 Awesome Things savors life's simple pleasures, from free refills to clean sheets. In this heartfelt talk from TEDxToronto, he reveals the 3 secrets (all starting with A) to leading a life that's truly awesome.

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Debbie Ford: Divorce as Change

An Introduction to the Laws of Spiritual Divorce.

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