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How One Woman with a Disability Learned to Love Her Body Through Dancing | Today Original

Tommy DiDario talks with Tiffany Geigel, a professional dancer born with a rare bone disorder. She never let her disability stand in the way of her dreams, and she transformed her disadvantages into her superpower.

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Disability and Body Image

Discussing what I think are the 5 biggest challenges that disabled people face in developing a healthy/positive body image and how I tackle them.

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Empowerment Through Confidence | Harnaam Kaur | TEDxWarwick

Harnaam was originally known for being the youngest woman in the world to have a full beard, but is now known as a prominent advocate for mental health, body image and LGBTQIA issues. In her talk, she discusses the importance of embracing beauty, whatever form it may come in.

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Uncovering: an Empowering Pathway to Disability Identity | Heather Evans | TEDxUofW

In her talk, Heather discusses empowering disability identity and reframing disability as a social construct. She explores, through personal stories, how discussing disability and practicing 'uncovering' can lead to a new societal understanding of disability.

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