Female Empowerment

Female empowerment is the process of making social power available to women at the same capacity of men in a traditionally patriarchal system. It is the active valuing of women’s inherent strength, capabilities, beauty, viewpoints, and wisdom in response to standards and expectations that have diminished them in relation to those of men in both public and private spheres. Female empowerment has been proven to aid positive economic, social, and political transformation in a male-dominated world.


Claire Zammit: Shifting Toward Feminine Power

In this clip from her Emerging Women Live 2013 Keynote, Claire Zammit talks about her journey to a fully expressed life, highlighting the importance of using feminine power to fulfill higher callings.


Nina Simons - Shifting Guidance from Head to Heart | Bioneers

Nina Simons, the President and Co-Founder of Bioneers, discusses reclaiming the feminine in order to realign our personal and societal values and practices.


Dream a Little Before You Think

Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser opens the 2019 Women & Power Conference with a tribute to Toni Morrison and an exploration of one of her favorite Morrison quotes, "As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think."


Women’s Well-Being