Female Empowerment

Female empowerment is the process of making social power available to women at the same capacity of men in a traditionally patriarchal system. It is the active valuing of women’s inherent strength, capabilities, beauty, viewpoints, and wisdom in response to standards and expectations that have diminished them in relation to those of men in both public and private spheres. Female empowerment has been proven to aid positive economic, social, and political transformation in a male-dominated world.


Exclusive Interview with Sherin Khankan on Denmark's First Female Run Mosque produces this interview with Sherin Khankan.


2014 Conference of the Americas - Breakout Session - Daisy Khan

Muslim women leaders at the frontlines of change


I Am a Muslim Ask Me Anything? - Muslim Defends Islam Across America

Amazingly 60% of Americans have never spoken to a Muslim about Islam. With the backdrop of violence and terrorism associated with Islam The Review of Religions team traveled across America touring 6 States over 8 weeks asking the public if they had any questions about Islam.


Female Imams in Copenhagen | DW English

Sherin Khankan is the daughter of a Christian and a Muslim. In 2016 she founded a mosque in central Copenhagen. She wants to challenge the view of Islam as a religion that hates non-believers and combat Islamophobia.


Women’s Well-Being