Female Empowerment

Female empowerment is the process of making social power available to women at the same capacity of men in a traditionally patriarchal system. It is the active valuing of women’s inherent strength, capabilities, beauty, viewpoints, and wisdom in response to standards and expectations that have diminished them in relation to those of men in both public and private spheres. Female empowerment has been proven to aid positive economic, social, and political transformation in a male-dominated world.


Exclusive Interview with Sherin Khankan on Denmark's First Female Run Mosque produces this interview with Sherin Khankan.


Nina Simons on Her “Women’s Leadership Program”


City Arts & Lectures presents Rebecca Solnit & Brit Marling

Rebecca Solnit is an incisive voice on topics ranging from feminism to the environment, western history to literary criticism, and from hope and disaster to popular power and social change.


Jungian Analyst/Author Jean Bolen—"Indomitable Spirit in Activists & the Archetype of Artemis"

Featuring Jungian Analyst, Author and Activist Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD and her latest book Artemis The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman, presented at the UN Commission on the Status of Women 59 (2015), in support of a Fifth World Conference on Women (5WCW).


Adrienne Rich: "For Ethel Rosenberg"

In this excerpt from the documentary "Unknown Secrets: Art & the Rosenberg Era" Adrienne Rich is captured reading her poem, 'For Ethel Rosenberg" at Boston's Faneuil Hall.


Chelsey Luger Speaks at the Womxn's March at the Arizona State Capitol

Well For Culture Co-Founder Chelsey Luger speaks on behalf of Indigenous Womxn during the Womxn's March at the Arizona State Capitol.


Full Spectrum Leadership for Engaged Action (Nina Simons, Bioneers)

Leadership and women's issues define the primary current interests of Nina Simons. In her writings and teaching, she establishes a close relationship between the two interests.


Women’s Well-Being