People tend to think of forgiveness as “letting the other person off the hook.” Not so! Forgiveness is about an attitude toward the self and others that frees us to move forward instead of remaining stuck in suffering. While there are many differing philosophies about the source, purpose, and function of forgiveness, it is commonly considered a central tenet of spiritual life as well as psychological health, allowing for a future unburdened by negative emotions in response to perceived offenses. It can be cultivated by intentional practices of release or can develop through acceptance over time.


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Drew Dudley is the former National Chair of Canada’s largest fundraiser for post-secondary students, Shinerama: Students Fighting Cystic Fibrosis.


How to Be Able to Forgive and Let Go

This exercise will allow you to create a connection or a doorway through which resolution and completion can begin to occur in your experience. You’re giving your density an outlet for expression.