Helping Children Deal with Emotions

If you are a parent or adult involved in the lives of children, you will undoubtedly encounter moments in which the children or adolescents in your life are overwhelmed by their emotions. As adults, we have a responsibility to help them identify and express their feelings in healthy, productive ways and to learn to regulate their emotions overall. There is an ever-increasing number of theories, strategies, and resources for helping the children in our lives gain skills to become healthy, empathetic, and resilient adults.

Emotional Intelligence

A resource for teens about emotional intelligence, and how they can improve their EQ by practicing a variety of skills.

Emotional Intelligence: What It Means for Kids

Emotional intelligence can help kids with learning and thinking differences manage their challenges. There are things you can do to develop your child’s emotional intelligence.

To Raise Kids with More Empathy, We Need to Do Everything Wrong

Non-cognitive skills—like emotional literacy, managing emotions, collaborating, joy and empathy—are the hidden secret of school success and what our 21st-century kids need to thrive.