Racial Healing

Racial healing refers to the process of how a culture or community attempts to reconcile after certain members have been oppressed, discriminated against, and had their rights violated because of their real or perceived ethnic background. It involves accounting for many different perspectives on justice and healing, and it is impossible to achieve without listening to and trusting the experiences of those who do not fit the culture’s default standard appearance. When those who have benefitted from racial oppression are willing to accept the injustice of those benefits, we become capable of working collectively to dismantle entrenched systems that uphold racism and transform our environments to benefit all.


Symphony: A New Language for Diversity & Inclusion | Oshoke Pamela Abalu | TEDxbroadway

Words are the most powerful force available to humanity, and so Oshoke Pamela Abalu challenges us to question the words we’re using when talking about diversity and inclusion. Doing so can have powerful implications for the workplace - and even the future of humanity.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar—“Becoming Kareem” On and Off the Court | The Daily Show

NBA Hall of Famer and "Becoming Kareem" author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar compares Colin Kaepernick's protest to his own travails as a socially engaged athlete.


Lessons from Ferguson: Jack Kornfield, Rhonda V. Magee, Konda Mason, Sujatha Baliga


Black Athletes Have Long History of Speaking Out

Today’s black athletes are part of a tradition of the intertwining of race, sports and society in America. From boxer Jack Johnson to Serena Williams, each generation has had to reckon with their era's racial climate to help move the US forward. (Feb.


Native Americans Know How Place Affects Health | Place Matters Oregon | OHA

For thousands of years, the Klamath Tribes have had a deep physical and spiritual connection to southern Oregon. But in 1954, the U.S. government took over their tribal lands there.


Lucille Clifton & Sonia Sanchez: Mirrors & Windows

Clifton & Sanchez - Mirrors & Windows 10/24/2001 at The New School, New York, NY. Moderated by Eisa Davis.