Self-actualization is a term used to describe the highest level of psychological development a person can attain—our “fullest potential.” The term was coined by theorist Kurt Goldstein, though used extensively by humanistic psychologists Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. It captures the idea that with the availability of the right resources, circumstances, and introspection, we can tap fully into our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual capacities, living as our “true selves.” Strategies for attaining self-actualization differ, but most are flexible to accommodate a range of philosophical and religious worldviews.

How Incredibly Successful People Think

I believe there’s a huge difference in the way successful people and unsuccessful people think. And I believe that success itself is not some big mystery that people haven’t figured out before.

5 Deliberate Steps to Master a Skill

I grew up cheering for the Detroit Pistons, but even I can admit Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest NBA players of all time. The fascinating part? He wasn’t born gifted. He’s an exceptionally hard worker.

Why Your Instincts Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

We think about all of the possible options and evaluate them. Often we get so focused on how we feel about our instincts that we ignore what our instincts are telling us to do.

Muhammad Ali and What It Takes to Achieve Greatness

The author says Muhammad Ali taught him that you can’t just make claims, you must train and prepare to be great.

Self Motivation: Staying Motivated to Reach Your Goals

Self motivation is the ability to drive oneself to take initiative and action to pursue goals and complete tasks. It’s an inner drive to take action — to create and to achieve.