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Dealing with Athlete Burnout


Here is the story of my experience dealing with athlete burnout in gymnastics. I will talk you through the signs of burnout, how to cope, break the cycle and how to recover!

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Olympian Gracie Gold Gets Candid About Her Mental Health with Michelle Kwan | Thank You Notes

Michelle Kwan may be one of the best figure skaters of all time, but it’s her incredible resolve that made her such an inspiration to fellow skater Gracie Gold. In this video, Gracie tells Michelle: “You once estimated that you’ve fallen 131,000 times in your skating career.

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How Modern Work Pressure Distorts Our Identity | Burnout

In the first part of The National’s series Battling Burnout, Canadian author and workplace expert Rahaf Harfoush tells Andrew Chang that pressures in the modern workplace are distorting our identities by often placing success at work at the expense of mental and physical well-being.

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How Parents Can Nurture Healthy Competition for their Children

How Parents Can Nurture Healthy Competition for their Children. This video is focused on helping parents to talk to children about healthy competition.

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Managing Cancer-Related Anxiety and General Mood Changes

Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment can impact a patient's mental well-being. This video discusses anxiety and general mood as it can relate to a cancer experience.

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Depression During and After Cancer—Fireside Friday Season 2 Episode 17

Fireside Fridays is the “cancer content” video series from Teen Cancer America! This week, we talk about depression. Teen Cancer America partners with hospitals throughout the United States to develop specialized facilities and services for teens and young adults with cancer.

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Does Stress Cause Cancer?

Dr. Suzanne Conzen discusses her research on the effect of stress on cancer.

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Cancer and Finances—Linda’s Story

Financial hardship often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. Linda shares her experiences and insights about managing questions with employment and finances that often accompany a cancer diagnosis.

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How Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers Can Survive & Thrive with Terri Cole

Does your mother guilt trip you or emotionally blackmail you? Does she act competitively with you or take credit for your talent or accomplishments? These are all behavioral patterns of the narcissistic mother.

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Avoiding Burnout in Olympic Weightlifting—Q&A with Greg Everett

Greg Everett responds to the questions: How do you keep your athletes from experiencing burn out? How do you keep them consistent with their training?  

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Avoiding and Treating Burnout in Sports

This video talks about Burnout in Sports. It shares what Burnout is, the 3 effects of Burnout and 5 ways to Avoid/Treat Burnout in Sports. These treatments are effective for youth and pro level sports.

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Athlete Well-Being