Self-Limiting Beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs refer to ideas, assumptions, or perceptions about yourself or about how things work in the world around you that hold you back from achieving your full potential. They are usually negative or self-critical in nature but can sometimes relate to power structures and systems outside yourself that you believe you have no control over. Some examples include considering yourself a loser or a failure, assuming you can’t make a difference in your own life or in the world, believing you’re unlovable, thinking other people will reject you or what you’re doing, and countless others. Everyone holds some beliefs like these. Once they are examined, they can be refuted them and we are free to create new beliefs that more accurately reflect how we relate to ourselves and the rest of the world.

Self-Limiting Beliefs

One of the biggest obstacles career changers face is accepting just how wide a range of options they have.

Tackling Our Limiting Beliefs

Are you aware of your limiting beliefs? Do you know what a limiting belief is? Do you know what prevents you from moving forward and being your best?

The Impact of Limiting Beliefs

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What You Practice Grows Stronger

When it comes to making changes, we all have one habit in common that holds us back: self-judgement. The neuroscience of mindfulness suggests lasting change requires a softer touch.

Your Beliefs Can Save Your Life!

When you discover that you can change any belief you have, regardless of where it came from, you learn that you can choose your experiences in life. You become a master, rather than a victim, of your reality.

How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Our beliefs can put healthy boundaries on questionable behavior. But limiting beliefs hold us back from what we want in life.

We Are Unlimited Potential: a Talk with Joseph Chilton Pearce

Joseph Chilton Pearce tells Charles Eisenstein he believes that we have an absolutely unlimited possibility within us, and an equal amount of self-imposed limitations. For every possibility, we have a self-imposed limitation.

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