Authenticity, the ability to live a life that’s true to your own values and goals regardless of what others might think, has become an important concept in modern society. We seek authenticity in the businesses we frequent, the leaders we follow, and the causes we connect with. But being authentic isn’t always easy, as the desire to conform to the standards of others can be strong; even when we feel we’ve been living an authentic life, we can suddenly realize that we still have habits of pleasing others or seeking to fit in even if it’s to our own detriment. Being authentic is a continuous practice that involves being honest with ourselves about what we truly want—and whether we’re following our own ideals, even if it might mean going against the grain.

Are You the Author of Your Life’s Story?

Each of us has the challenge and the opportunity to create a new way of being human. We grow ourselves. Along the way, we may listen closely to someone we respect and admire and give that person a key role in our creative process.

Regaining Personal Authority in Your Life

I suggest that the single most important task of the second half of life is the recovery of personal authority, and mobilizing the courage and resources to live our truth in the world.

Lessons from a Former Liar: The Power of Owning Our Stories

At that point, it was easy to keep lying because, after all, I had no friends. When you have no friends, you can lie about anything and everything. No one holds you accountable, because no one really knows anything about you.

Panache Desai: Your Infinite Potential

Born and raised in London, England, Panache Desai has always known he was different. Even at a young age, he possessed an innate kindness and love rarely experienced from one so young. He was recognized by visitors and teachers as gifted. Learn more in this OMTimes interview.