Connection with Nature

Human beings are a part of nature, but we often live and act as if we are somehow separate or outside of it. It’s no surprise then that we find turning to nature as a place for healing, ritual, self-reflection, personal growth, and awe can physically improve our health, happiness, and well-being. Beauty, space, life, pattern, natural resources, and changing seasons and light—even viewing art and film depictions of nature—all have positive impacts on our brains: our nerves are calmed, and we sense more creativity, openness, generosity, resilience, connection, and oneness. Regaining our connection to nature can have many facets, all of which improve our well-being.

Satish Kumar—Peace Activist

Satish Kumar is a peace activist, former monk, author and Editor Emeritus at The Resurgence Trust.

Try This Heart-Centering Meditation Before You Take a Forest Bath

Once you’ve decided on the time and location of your forest bath or decide to join a group journey into the forest, you’ve made a commit­ment to yourself and to Mother Earth.

Listening in with . . . Grandmother Flordemayo: Seeding the Future

Born into a lineage of healers in the highlands of Central America and now an indigenous elder, Flordemayo travels internationally, sharing wisdom and teaching respect for the earth. Here, she talks with Unity Magazine editor Katy Koontz about her life and her work.

Soul Man

Satish Kumar has spent much of his life walking the Earth to spiritually connect with nature; now he wants environmentalists and all of us to forget gloomy predictions and follow in his footsteps. John Vidal reports

Can the World Mend in This Body?

The author writes that what she does on behalf of healing any individual or being must also be healing, even if not directly extended, for the world itself.

A Religious Nature: Philosopher Seyyed Hossein Nasr on Islam and the Environment

In this interview, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, a university professor of Islamic studies at George Washington University, talks with the Bulletin’s Elisabeth Eaves about Islam and the environment.

Yeye Luisah Teish on Storytelling, the Global Impact of Black Panther, and Expressing Your Creative Gifts

The first thing you want is to know that you belong here, that you are a part of this planet, just like the earth and the water, the sun and the wind, and the trees.

Death: As Common as Life

At least half the organic matter you see on a walk in the forest is dead: dead leaves, deadwood, dead weeds, insect carcasses, maybe even the stinking corpse of some higher animal if you’re lucky.

Hildegard of Bingen: The Nun Who Loved the Earth

The earth sustains humanity. It must not be injured; it must not be destroyed. —Hildegard of Bingen


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