Death or Loss of a Parent & forgiveness

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Mystical Forgiveness

Joan Borysenko talking about a mystical experience of forgiveness at the death of her mother.

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How Losing Her Family and Battling Drug Addiction Led to Triumph for This Meditation Guru

Biet Simkin has had a "hard" life: she’s lost her mother, and her father. She got signed to Sony at 18, only to have her career not take off. She’s conquered a crushing addiction to heroin and cocaine. She became a single mother while recovering from her addiction, only to lose her baby to SIDS.

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My Long Walk to Forgiveness: One Writer’s Voyage of Discovery on the Carmino De Santiago Pilgrimage

Although a successful self-help author, Sonia Choquette felt angry and confused after the sudden deaths of her brother and father and the break-up of her marriage.

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