Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a form of psychology that emphasizes the positive aspects of a person’s life which enable them to thrive, such as character strengths, resilience, optimistic emotions, and positive coping strategies. It focuses on encouraging an individual to nurture their personal strengths as opposed to scolding them into fixing their deficiencies. While the focus of this branch of psychology is on promoting positive states of being, it does not recommend completely negating difficult or less desirable emotional states; rather, it asserts that people who promote their own strengths of character are better equipped to handle the inevitable fluctuations of life with more resilience. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


The happy secret to better work - Shawn Achor

We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk from TEDxBloomington, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires productivity.


Big Think Interview with Tal Ben-Shahar | Big Think


Happier Talk with Professor Barbara Fredrickson

Beyond the fact that feeling good feels good, what is the role of positive emotions? This is a question that psychology has largely ignored throughout its history focusing primarily on psychopathology, on anger, anxiety, sadness and such.


Dr. Maria Sirois and Dr. Randy Kamen: Finding Fulfillment and Joy in Midlife


Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness | Tal Ben-Shahar

Tal Ben-Shahar discusses current research on the science of happiness and introduces ideas and tools that can actually make a difference in one's life.


Happiness in Dark Times - with Dr Maria Sirois

Dr Maria Sirois shares how we can find happiness in our lives, even in dark times, combining the latest research with personal stories and how we can put this into practice. This was filmed at an Action for Happiness event in London on 13 February 2019.


How Do Your Emotions Conflict with Happiness? Explained by Tal Ben-Shahar | Asu Gsv Summit

Tal Ben-Shahar, a Harvard and Cambridge Alumni, shares with us that rejecting painful emotions can actually hinder us from experiencing pleasurable emotions. Beginning with personal experience, he talks about how he started in researching and learning about happiness.


Sharer of Joy: Nataly Kogan at TEDxBoston

Why is the pursuit of happiness so stressful and unfulfilling? Why do we believe that huge achievements trump small everyday moments that connect us with ourselves and those we love most? After years of "dreaming in American" and chasing The Big Happy, Russian-born entrepreneur Nataly Kogan dug into...


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