Generational Healing

Generational healing is broadly defined as the process of understanding how the traumas of previous familial generations bleed into their offspring in the form of unresolved issues, unspoken rules, and limiting beliefs about how the world and relationships work. When negative behavioral, emotional, and relational patterns are passed down from generation to generation, it takes courage to recognize those patterns and move toward a healthier way of relating to one another, both internally as a family and to the outside world. The process of becoming aware of these negative patterns and how they became part of your family’s story is what allows for the healing of long-buried trauma and the ultimate rewriting of the family narrative in a more positive, supportive light.


Breaking Generational Cycles of Trauma | Brandy Wells | TEDxKingLincolnBronzeville

Brandy shares a personal story of how a 8 year old girl who felt abandonment begin her healing process because of the birth of her own daughters as an adult.

Metagenealogy: Self-Discovery through Psychomagic and the Family Tree

The family tree is not merely vital statistics about your ancestors. It is an embodied sense of self that we inherit from at least four prior generations, constituting both a life-giving treasure and a deadly trap.

The Words of the Grandmothers

‘When the Grandmothers from the four directions speak, the earth will heal.’ Hopi Prophecy - Suzanne Duce

The arts are not just a nice thing to have or to do if there is free time or if one can afford it. Rather, paintings and poetry, music and fashion, design and dialogue, they all define who we are as a people and provide an account of our history for the next generation.


What is Generational Trauma? - Overcoming Traumatic Experiences - DeepDives

Lots of things get passed down from generations - stories, heirlooms, genetic traits - but a new field of study suggests that even trauma can be passed down through a lineage.

My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies

In this groundbreaking book, therapist Resmaa Menakem examines the damage caused by racism in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology.

Unpacking the Embodied Plantation Backpack

If you have an African American body, welcome. I wrote this blog post—and the body practice at the end—especially for you. (Everyone else, welcome as well—but please skip the body practice.)


Healing Our Family Trees: An Essential Step on the Spiritual Path

Healing Our Family trees is a huge step on the spiritual path, and it takes strength, courage, and wisdom to begin the process. In this powerful video, we will explore the topic of our family lineage and ancestors and how we are affected by them in different ways.

Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Healing Shared Trauma What can you do when you carry scars not on your body, but within your soul? And what happens when those spiritual wounds exist not just in you, but in everyone in your family, community, and even beyond? Spiritual teacher Thomas Hü...

Exploring the Cycle of Inherited Family Trauma

Mark Wolynn, director of the Family Constellation Institute, describes how family trauma showed up in the lives of two of his patients, and offers questions for you to explore unconscious identification with a member of your family system.


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Intergenerational Trauma