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Breaking Generational Cycles of Trauma | Brandy Wells | TEDxKingLincolnBronzeville

Brandy shares a personal story of how a 8 year old girl who felt abandonment begin her healing process because of the birth of her own daughters as an adult.

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How to Tell If You Inherited Emotional Trauma + How to Let It Go

With new discoveries in epigenetics now making headlines, many of us are asking an important question: What are my children really inheriting? Can my baggage, the unfinished business I don't deal with, pass on to my kids? Without knowing it, could I be hurting them?

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This Is How Parents Pass Trauma Down to Children - Fear Not with Iyanla Vanzant - OWN

Educator Dr. Steve Perry explains how parents can unknowingly pass down harmful messages to their children and cause lifelong trauma in the process.

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