Self-acceptance is the active, honest acknowledgement and appreciation of our capabilities, talents, and physicality—all of our strengths and weaknesses. It is the act of recognizing our whole self, of integrating all aspects of ourselves into our self-image. But self-acceptance is not resignation! It is instigating self-development from a basis of compassion instead of criticism. The expectations we receive and internalize from our many identities—and our image-obsessed culture—can make self-acceptance difficult, but understanding how to balance a desire for change with our inner critic is essential to happiness and health. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Don't Stop Loving Yourself (Self Acceptance Tips) - Iyanla Vanzant

Don't stop loving yourself (self-acceptance tips) - Iyanla Vanzant. Iyanla Vanzant says that the first step to loving yourself would be looking at everything about you and being OK with it.


Kelly McGonigal: Two Interventions to Foster Positive Change

Health psychologist and Stanford lecturer Kelly McGonigal walks us through scientific studies that show the self that's really good at change is not the self of self-criticism - it's the self of self-acceptance.


How to Fully Love Yourself


How Do I Love & Accept Myself As I Am? | Acharya Shunya

Acharya Shunya illustrates that accepting yourself involves accepting the part of you that is still learning and the part that knows all. Accept all of you - the pure love part, the learner, the learned. Strive to bring more of the “pure love” part of you out.


Live Mondays with don Jose Ruiz

don Juan Ruiz speaks on how to develop Self Reflection in your daily living.


Living Without Shame: How We Can Empower Ourselves | Whitney Thore | TEDxGreensboro

How do we handle self-perception when our bodies don't match the ideal social image? The answer is to find a way to live without shame.


Pema Chödrön: Explaining Maitri

Pema Chödrön explains maitri: reveals the time-tested Buddhist antidote to suffering-and shows how to apply it in your own life.


"Crazy Sexy Life" Kris Carr at Wanderlust's Speakeasy

Wellness Warrior and cancer Thriver, Kris Carr, brings her Crazy Sexy talk to Wanderlust Festival in Stratton, VT in June of 2011.


You Are Enough W/ Colleen Saidman Yee & Marie Forleo

Do you ever feel like you’re ‘not enough?’ We can relate. And, so does Colleen Saidman Yee the ‘First Lady of Yoga’ and author of Yoga For Life. Listen in on this transformative conversation with my mentor and yoga teacher, and hear a beautiful meditation for moving beyond fear.


Kris Carr on Crazy, Sexy Cancer, Food, Mindset and Life

Good Life Project founder Jonathan Fields interviews New York Times bestselling author and founder of the Crazy, Sexy movement, Kris Carr.


The information offered here is not a substitute for professional advice. Please proceed with care and caution.


The information offered here is not a substitute for professional advice. Please proceed with care and caution.