Awareness is an aspect of consciousness where we can witness ourselves, our surroundings, and circumstances clearly, as if we turned on a bright light and noticed things from an outside perspective. Whether part of our emotional, physical, or social awareness, we actively pick up cues from our environment that inform our thoughts and actions. We can train our brains to be more open and intentional in looking for and evaluating these cues—whether through meditation or mindfulness, journaling, or other techniques—in order to help us make more informed choices.

How the Stories We Tell Ourselves Control Our Lives

As human beings, our predominant agenda is to survive. The instinct is deep in our DNA. Of course we want to stay alive, but now this instinct has become more of an emotional response. It's less about a threat to our actual existence and more about the barrage of perceived threats to our ego.

Ancient Buddhist Way to Cope with Hardship

RAIN is a Buddhist mindfulness tool that offers support for working with intense and difficult emotions.

Stand Up for What You Love

I have been hearing from a lot of people lately that something has broken open and it’s harder to ignore the suffering around us.


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