Neuroscience is the study of the brain and nervous system. The simplicity of that true and very mechanical definition belies the ongoing work to uncover the seat of human behavior, consciousness, and memory: what exactly is the connection between our neurons and our thoughts; our glands and our feelings; our cells and our dreams? Neuroscientists strive to unlock these connections and provide answers to our questions about our purpose, perception, and connection to the world around us and each other.


You Aren’t at the Mercy of Your Emotions—Your Brain Creates Them | Lisa Feldman Barrett

Can you look at someone’s face and know what they’re feeling? Does everyone experience happiness, sadness and anxiety the same way? What are emotions anyway? For the past 25 years, psychology professor Lisa Feldman Barrett has mapped facial expressions, scanned brains and analyzed hundreds of ph...


Dr. Joe Dispenza—Learn How to Reprogram Your Mind

Neuroscientist and meditation expert Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how to reprogram your mind.


Dr Daniel Siegel Presenting a Hand Model of the Brain

Many people experience times in their lives when they feel overwhelmed and need clarity. Our mission is to provide the highest quality psychological care by honoring the integrity of individuals and families who seek our services.


This Neuroscientist Shows You the Secrets to Obtaining a Growth Mindset | Andrew Huberman

Celebrate small victories. Your thoughts are a choice. Move towards fear. Lean into your negative experiences. No matter what the question is, action is the answer. Meditate. Breathe deeply.


Neuroplasticity: Rick Hanson Explains How to Use Our Minds to Change Our Brains

Rick Hanson explains how we can use our minds to change our brains to change our minds for the better. This video was taken at the Greater Good Science Center in UC Berkeley as part of the Science of a Meaningful Life Series.


Dr. Rick Hanson Speaking at the Neuroplasticity and Education Conference - October 25, 2013

Dr. Rick Hanson speaking at the Neuroplasticity and Education: Strengthening the Connection conference presented by the Eaton Educational Group at the Westin Bayshore Hotel on October 25, 2013.


‘Default Mode Network’ Is Suppressed by Meditation Practice | Roland Griffiths

It is Dr. Patrick’s goal to challenge the status quo and encourage the wider public to think about health and longevity using a proactive, preventative approach.


Lisa Wimberger Explains Neurosculpting®

STRESS IS A SILENT KILLER. It contributes to high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, PTSD, neurodegenerative diseases, and suicide.


Meditation’s Impact on the Brain | Documentary Clip

This is a clip from the feature documentary “A Joyful Mind.”


The Effect of Trauma on the Brain and How It Affects Behaviors | John Rigg | TEDxAugusta

In his work with trauma patients, Dr. Rigg has observed how the brain is constantly reacting to sensory information, generating non-thinking reactions before our intelligent individual human brains are able to process the event and formulate a self-driven response.