Habit Formation

A habit is any repeated routine of behavior that we tend to perform subconsciously. Habit formation affects our brains, growing certain neural pathways and pruning others so that the habit is reinforced and thus easier to accomplish with minimal effort. Often, we acquire habits without realizing what we’re doing, but with a bit of conscious effort, it is possible to cultivate—or change—a habit. Since our brains are wired to function according to habit, it’s important to assess our current habits and decide which ones are worth keeping, which ones no longer serve us, and what new habits we might create to help us achieve our goals and better align with our vision for our lives.


Epictetus: How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (Stoicism)

In this video we will be talking about The 10 ways to keep our New Year’s Resolutions from the writings of Epictetus. Epictetus was one of the most influential teachers of the later years of the school of Stoicism.


Scientifically Proven Techniques to Increase Willpower !


Healthy Spiritual Morning Routine 2020 - Practice Affirmations, Reading Ritual, Journal Gratitude

You can do spiritual routines at any time of the day. My healthy spiritual routine is done in the morning but you can have a spiritual night routine or any daily spiritual routine for growth. I talk about my morning reading ritual to find my morning spiritual meaning.


Goal Setting