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Kenneth Pelletier: Health and Your Whole Being (Excerpt) - Thinking Allowed W/ Jeffrey Mishlove

What constitutes a balanced lifestyle? How can diet, exercise and stress management combine to produce optimal states of health? Dr.

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The Best Alternative Medicine

A comprehensive reference source on alternative medical treatments explores twelve therapies that have been shown effective, including Ayurvedic medicine, Europe and herbs, and acupuncture, and discusses specific conditions and provides recommendations. BOMC, QPB & One Spirit Alt.

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The New Science of Epigenetics with Kenneth R. Pelletier

Here he describes progress in the emerging new scientific field of epigenetics. He points out that the manner in which genes express themselves is determined by diet, exercise, and mental state, in addition to other biochemical factors.

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Optimal Nutrition with Kenneth R. Pelletier

Here he discusses research findings concerning diet and nutrition. He points out that there is very little evidence that popular fad diets work in the long-run.

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