Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic or “keto” diet is an eating plan that derives most of its calories from fat and some protein, with extremely low carbohydrate consumption. The goal is to push the body to metabolize fat rather than glucose in order to lose weight. Burning stored body fat—the aim of a keto diet—is called ketosis. First developed in the 1920s to treat pediatric epilepsy, the keto diet is in wide use in American popular culture. Choosing a plan for eating is highly personal and should always be considered in consultation with a healthcare professional. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


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Nutrition for Autoimmune Diseases, Jacilyn Mikels

This session at The Myositis Association's 2019 Annual Patient Conference in Minneapolis is led by a board certified family nurse practitioner and health and nutritional coach. She discusses the influence diet can have on inflammation and how what you put into your body does matter.


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TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer shares her one-day detox plan that allows you to eat plenty of wholesome foods like fresh veggies and lean proteins. Afterward, she explains three diets for healthy weight loss: the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet and the keto diet.


Dr Will Cole - A Ketogenic Functional Medicine Approach to Autoimmune Inflammation and Gut Problems

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