Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices include breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation, but mindfulness can also be incorporated into all everyday activities such as walking, eating, and listening. These practices have been shown to lower stress, improve clarity and focus, calm the mind, improve energy and resilience, reduce depression and anxiety, and bring joy. They do not belong to any one tradition but are a universal practice of human consciousness that can benefit anyone. Historically, mindfulness—having compassionate and intentional awareness of the present moment—originated in the practice of yoga, and has been adapted ever since in most religions and spiritual practices of the world.


The Power of Mindfulness: What You Practice Grows Stronger | Shauna Shapiro | TEDxWashingtonsquare

How do we change? In this pioneering talk, Dr. Shauna Shapiro draws on modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom to demonstrate how mindfulness can help us make positive changes in our brains and our lives.


60 Minutes: An derson Cooper on Mindfulness & Anxiety

Judson Brewer, MD PhD shows Anderson Cooper and the 60 Minutes team how mindfulness practices can reduce anxiety & stress in real time.


Everyday Well-Being | Noah Levine | Talks at Google

The practice of mindfulness is a method of creating and sustaining happiness and well being in the midst of our everyday life, whether you feel you’re kicking ass or life is kicking your ass.


Experiential Meditation and Q&A Led by Mark Epstein, MD

Mark Epstein, MD, leads those attending PSI's 2019 conference in experiential meditation, and takes questions from audience members.


Mindfulness Impacts Your Brain & Business | Dr. Amishi Jha | Talks at Google



Mindfulness in the Military | Amishi Jha, Major General Piatt, Anderson Cooper

From Wisdom 2.0's 2018 Mindfulness in America Summit in New York City.


Mindfulness and Neurofeedback

Using evidence from clinical trials of smoking cessation, this presentation will first map out how mindfulness targets key components of operant conditioning pathways.


Dharma Talk on The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Some background, history and explanation of The Four Foundations of Mindfulness as it relates directly to it's function inside of The Lotus Institute's Earth Gate Course on trauma-resiliency skillbuilding from a Buddhist Perspective. By Dr. Larry Ward.


3 Tips for Mindfulness (Without the Bullsh*T) with Poppy Jamie

British entrepreneur, Poppy Jamie is the founder of the science-backed mindfulness app “Happy Not Perfect.” In this video, she talks us through the functions of the app, and if you skip to a little later on, leads us in an empowering meditation to set our minds straight.


Mindfulness at Work | Scott Shute, David Gelles, Parneet Pal | Wisdom 2.0 2017

Scott Shute, David Gelles and Parneet Pal speak at Wisdom 2.0, 2017 in San Francisco.


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