Self-Reflection Practices

Self-reflection relies on taking time to look inward—to turn over experiences in an effort to understand our own emotion, how we are in relationship to ourselves and others, and how we occupy space in this life—and it can take on many forms. Self-reflection practices are the methods we can use to promote self-exploration and analysis, and it is the crucial first step in almost all personal growth. Journaling, meditation, dream work, and creating vision boards are just some ways to tap into learning more about and orienting ourselves to a life in constant motion. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Why You Should Not Take Anything Personally | Don Jose Ruiz

In this short video, Don Jose Ruiz shares the tips and advice we could take back in our life to put disagreement in action and not taking anything personally. You have UNLIMITED potential.


How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs | Brian Tracy

When you practice limited thinking, you paralyze yourself at the start line. This way of thinking is one of the biggest preventers of achieving your goals, and that’s why in today's video, I want to share a few strategies that you can use to overcome your limiting beliefs.


CBT Journaling Benefits for Anxiety and Depression

Journaling techniques for depression and anxiety are important. There are so many benefits of journaling. I go over CBT techniques and the benefits of journaling your emotions to help reduce anxiety and depression.


How to Be More Confident

Most of us want to get more confident … but we don’t know how. Confidence seems to increase with age, but what else can we do to consciously boost our confidence? Here are my best tips. What’s one of yours?


How to Lose Social Anxiety

This is video is about how to lose your social anxiety or social anxiety disorder. The video first explains why you have social anxiety or social anxiety disorder. That is, because you have a self image that is impacted by others’ opinions.


Cognitive Behavioral Tools

This presentation reviews several cognitive behavioral tools to deal with stress, anxiety and overwhelming emotions.


How to Stop Procrastinating - Why You Can't Do What You Want

Do you want to stop procrastinating? Do you want to stop criticizing yourself when you do procrastinate? This videos explains why you procrastinate and how to stop doing it.


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